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Our Services



Free informational gathering that explains a little more about what Birthfit is, what our goals are, and what we offer. 30 min of information with 15-30 min left for questions at the end. 


The goal of this one on one consultation is to see where the woman is at in regards to our four pillars. We will acknowledge her birth fears and desires then we will formulate a plan that incorporates the four pillars and our suggestions for her according to where she is at. We will not only offer our services but other local services as well. Birthfit is a choice and it is not for everyone so we will provide her with options including but not limited to Birthfit. 


The Birthfit Workshop is a 3-4 hour class that introduces and elaborates on the four pillars. It will give the women attending tools to play an active role in their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. Women will leave with local resources to use during this time. We will also cover the history of childbirth in America during the class to give women an idea of how much birth has changed over the years both good and bad.

BIRTH FIT FITNESS CLASSES - $20 (drop-in) or $109/monhtly 

Ongoing fitness classes which are ideal for women during their pregnancy and the postpartum stage. 2 - 60 min fitness classes a week.

BIRTH FIT BREATH & FLOW - $109 (1X Week) & $179 (2x week)

  4 week course once a week for 60 minutes or 2 x a week for 4 weeks. To teach this class we get certified in the DNS Exercise 1 course which consists of specific functional exercises to improve spinal stability by targeting the Integrated Stabilizing System, pelvic floor, diaphragm, etc. This is a requirement for the Birthfit Postpartum Series. 


This series is GOLD for that new mom!! It is 8 sessions twice a week for 4 weeks. In this series we focus on functional progression movements of the core and breathing. They will learn diaphragmatic breathing, how to create abdominal pressure, how to re-establish functional movement patterns that translate to daily life. The woman will learn how to begin healing emotionally from the highs and lows associated with pregnancy, labor and delivery. They will also learn how to nourish themselves with healthy food, positive thoughts, and be in a supportive environment that encourages them to trust their motherly instincts. 


This series is four 3-hour group sessions. The woman and her birth partner will become educated & prepared for birth. We will talk about the four pillars. The woman will experience functional mobility, natural movement, and breath work to help with the labor process. During the process the Mom to be and partner will discover their own birth desires and design their own Queen in training postpartum plan.